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  • Kelly Tennant

Grounding rituals for spring

Now that the snow has fully melted here in my part of the Canadian Prairies and the days are getting longer and warmer, I'm wondering if you're feeling that same sense of peace and hope that I am. I hope so! I always find spring to be a lovely time for resetting and reconnecting with the Earth.

In today's post, I want to highlight some spring-specific grounding strategies that you can incorporate into your day to help settle your mind and relax your nervous system.

1) Tending to plants

One of the interesting outcomes of the early days of the pandemic was that people started filling their homes with houseplants. Myself included! Do you still have any? If yours are anything like mine, they're showing signs of waking up from winter dormancy and new bright shoots are pushing up and soft green leaves are unfurling. Take some time to mindfully clean up any dried or yellowed leaves, refresh their pots with new soil, and find a spot in your home that gives them the right amount of light. Caring for plants can be very rewarding because they don't expect anything from you, they just simply accept your care and attention.

2) Walking meditation

Did you know that you don't need to be sitting still with a clear mind to be meditating? Walking meditation is a great mindfulness practice that can be a much more enjoyable alternative for those of us who just can't sit still. Plan a quiet route down side streets or on a walking trail where you'll be able to hear more nature sounds and less traffic. Focus on really taking in your surroundings. Notice details on houses or trees that you would normally ignore, listen to the various birdsongs, smell the scent of wet grass, feel the wind or the warm sun on your face.

3) Sun spot naps

Speaking of warm sun on your face, is there anything better than a warm-weather nap in the sun? Take a cue from the cats and dogs in your life and find that perfect patch of warm sunlight streaming in and curl up in it. Try to have a bit of a snooze if you can! Midday naps are something that we don't value in North American culture, but they are a great antidote to our go-go-go lives and general lack of sleep hygiene at night.

I would love to know about the grounding rituals you enjoy this time of year!

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