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Adult Autism Screening Services


Are you wondering if you might be Autistic and trying to figure out whether a "formal" or "official" diagnosis is something you want or need to spend thousands of dollars on?
Are you really just wanting an Autistic and autism-affirming mental health professional to validate a self-diagnosis and provide guidance and support moving forward in life as an Autistic person? Maybe I can help!

Reasons why you might need to be formally diagnosed by a Registered/Doctoral Psychologist, Physician, or Psychiatrist: 
- You need to apply for provincial or federal disability benefits 
- You require a registered psychologist or physician to sign off on school or workplace accommodations based on an autism diagnosis

If neither of these apply to you and you're seeking an in-depth, non-pathologizing evaluation of your neurotype in order to more fully understand yourself or get the professional validation that yes, you ARE Autistic, let's talk. 

I offer two different levels of Adult Autism Screening:

My Basic Screen includes a 130 item questionnaire that looks at how well your lived experience meets a neurodiversity-affirming interpretation of the DSM diagnostic criteria for Autism. All of these questions allow for long-form answers so you can provide as much or as little context as you want. The cost for the basic screen is $150 and is covered by benefits plans that include coverage for Clinical Counselling services.
My Detailed Screen includes the 130 item DSM questionnaire plus 5 psychometric tests that assess for autistic traits (including all subscale scores), a sensory profile, and screening for co-occurring ADHD (with subscale scores). The cost for the detailed screen is $450 and is also covered by benefits under Clinical Counselling.

Following completion of all the screening assessments, you'll receive a report detailing your screening assessment scores, my Autistic professional opinion on whether you meet criterion for clinically significant autistic traits, and accommodation and support strategies. 

I also offer the Sensory Profile on its own or as an add-on to the Basic Screen for $100. This includes a 138 item checklist that measures hypo- and hyper-sensitivities across the 8 sensory systems. My report includes examples of how these may show up in your life and ways to accommodate your needs. 

Ready to book?

Email me at 

Sliding scale is available for those who qualify. Please contact me to discuss rates. 

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