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Mindfulness for Chronic Conditions Course

I've recently had the joy of connecting with a fellow provider in the chronic illness space, Georgia Bondy, to preview her newly developed online course on mindfulness, specifically developed for those of us who manage chronic illness flares and/or constant daily symptoms.

Georgia describes herself as a person with several chronic health conditions (Multiple Sclerosis and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome). She's a qualified mindfulness instructor with an Master's Degree in Brain, Behaviour and Cognition (and Chemistry) from University College London.

She built her online mindfulness course using both her professional knowledge and her lived experience as a person with chronic health conditions to help people like herself build emotional resilience against symptom flare-ups.

Georgia invited me to have a preview of the course, called Mindfulness for Flare Ups and I absolutely loved it! The online course consists of 7 modules, each about 10-15 minutes long that walk you through understanding emotional resilience, practicing mindfulness techniques, handling intrusive thoughts, symptoms, and pain, feeling overwhelmed or numb, and finally support for how to move forward with this new knowledge and self-awareness. Each module includes an affirming psycho-educational introduction followed by a short guided meditation led by Georgia.

You can access Georgia's course at her website here: and as a special offer to Synapse Counselling clients and blog readers, she's offering a 25% discount on the cost of the course for the next 2 months using the code ‘referral25’ on the cart page.

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